Nova Hobbies was born in 1995 from a money-strapped teenager's desire to find a good model of a very rarely seen ship: the conjectural Daedalus class starship. From then on, Nova Hobbies became dedicated to producing resin kits of the non-mainstream Trek subjects. Our goal was simple: to provide qaulity resin models at an affordable price.

In 2007, Nova Hobbies ceased local production and joined forces with Federation Models, a Sci Fi warehouse of modeling goodness down in South Florida. Federation Models now casts, produces, and sells all Nova Hobbies related models. Take a look throuh our Product Index, and if you're interested, click on the sale link. You will be redirected to the appropriate Federation Models page. Thanks for Visiting!

What's New Here?!

I've been asked this before: "What's with the website, since you're not selling models?" It's a good question, usually asked by non-modeler folks who don't really understand this obsession of ours. Since I'm not personally selling the models, I have more free time now to follow different directions: finally working through the enormous backlog of unbuilt models, for instance. Nova Hobbies will still exist as a gallery for all my built kits, as well as sections for kit reviews, build up reviews, and the occasional post for new masters I'll be working on. So fear not, intrepid modeler! Mouth-watering nuggets of Sci-Fi starships await you inside our website! Enter, and be dazzled!

What's On The Bench?? My BenchBlog is up and running, and will be the go-to spot for any kit reviews, buildups, or random musings I feel the need to force upon the rest of the internet community. Currently, the StarCraft's Dreadnought is gracing the front page. Check it out!
Use the Product Index to compare everything we sell.  Products are all available from Federation Models
Various built models at the Starship Gallery
What's on the Drawing Board? Not much right now, otherwise there'd be a link! More to come on this soon.....
Links to some excellent resource sites!

06/09/2010: New pictures have been added to the Gallery of the Starcraft's 1/1400 scale Dreadnought. Take a look at this very cool kit of an otherwise obscure subject!

04/24/2010: I've been messing with the Gallery a bit tonight. I added two more ships to the Oddball page: the Vulcan Lander from First Contact and the Borg Cube. I also added some links to builds and reviews for the Gallant and the Norway.

04/22/2010: The BenchBlog is up and running. Check it out!

04/08/2010: We're Back! I thought it would be fun to leave some of these old news blurbs up for a few days. These are the remnants of the last wayback machine trawl, the leftovers of whatever code they caught in September '07.


10/02/07: Added some new pictures of the Constellation to the Gallery, and more updates On the Bench!

8/03/07: More updates tonight!  The Gallery is more organized, with new pictures added of a lot of existing ships, plus lots of new ships in there as well, including the finished Valdore!  Also the Bench has been reorganized, with updates to the Valdore page, the Starfire page, and the Viper page.  Hope you like the new look, please drop me an email if you find any dead links.