Pre-Original Series Federation


From the mind of Bernd Schneider and Masao comes this unique design for an early 23rd-century starship -- the Wasp class cruisers. Rather than assigning a traditional "top" and "bottom" along the long axis of the ship, this starship is oriented as an old style rocketship would be. The top of the craft is the area of the sphere farthest away from the engine core, and the decks are stacked vertically downward from there. The interesting equidistant tri-nacelle arrangement gives this ship an unmistakable profile. Of course, this is the Nova Hobbies kit, with an admittedly slapdash paintjob applied to it.


The Daedalus class has an interesting history behind it. This is "the ship that almost was", so to speak, as it was part of the early designs for the USS Enterprise when the original show was being developed. Gene Rodenberry liked the idea of the power plants (not yet warp engines) placed away from the main hull, to give the viewers a hint at the awesome energies needed to produce space flight. The design didn't make the final cut, as we all know, but the idea of a spherical-hulled ship stayed in the back of many people's minds. A Daedalus model was built by Greg Jein to be set dressing for Ben Sisko's office, and the Hope class vessel was built by Bill George of Industrial Light and Magic as a direct homage to the old Matt Jeffries design. This is the 1/1400 scale Nova Hobbies model, with the Starcraft's 1/1400 scale USS Enterprise for a size comparison.

At last, we venture into the realm of canonhood. The NX-01, the first warp-5 capable ship constructed by the Human race, was to be the flagship of a new Earth fleet as we spread out among the stars. It's a design that fans seem to find no middle ground with; they either love the ship, or they find it the ugliest thing ever designed. Love it or hate it, there's no denying one's here to stay.
This model is the PNT Models' 1/1400 scale resin kit. It was a snap to build, but the model had a few fit issues around the warp pylon joints. Nothing a little patience and superglue couldn't fix! The decals are a custom blend scaled down from the markings provided by the good folks at Art Asylum. I simply took their panel markings and scaled them to fit this model.