Deep Space Nine Aliens


The mainstay of the Dominion fleet, the standard Jem'Hadar fighter was capable of delivering heavy firepower far beyond what its diminutive size would suggest. Armed with phased polaron beam weapons and torpedos, this small class of Dominion vessel was used for a variety of missions. The standard Jem'hadar fighter is capable of atmospheric landing, and has the ability to offload large numbers of soldiers planet side.

The models you see here are the old Starcrafts 1/1400 scale kits. These were one piece resin models that measured a couple inches across in width. I've seen the new versions of the Starcrafts kit, and I'll be doing a bench page with those models shortly.


The Jem'Hadar battleships were massive, imposing starships. They were never shown to be overly maneuverable on screen, but their weaponry easily matched or bested that of the comparable Galaxy class starships. The Jem'Hadar battleships are slightly larger than Galaxy class vessels.

This is a model from the Starcrafts kit, to date the only available model of this massive ship. The kit is huge and heavy, even with its rotocast main hull. With all of the detail packed into the model, I rather wish the connection points were a little stronger. I don't know how it will hold up with regular CA cement, but I chose to assemble all of this model with 5 minute epoxy....just in case. I also had a major difficulty in getting any paint to lay down on the resin used in the rotocasting process. I have a feeling that excess release agent is used in the rotocast molds, and it took a lot of work before the model would hold on to the base coat. Overall, however....this was a great model to build, and is a centerpoint to the display cabinet!

The Breen showed up at the end of Season 6 and proceeded to become a thorn in the Federation's side for a good part of season 7. Although there was a brief mention in TNG that the breen piloted ships that were partially organic, I think that was ignored when these battleships were designed. The Breen ship featured here was a wonderful asymmetric departure from the standard designs that fill most of the Star Trek universe. The ships were equipped with a new energy dampening weapon that was unknown to the Federation. The Dominion soon acquired this new technology, and the combined Breen/Dominion forces began dealing fierce blows to the Federation lines.

The model pictured here is my own Nova Hobbies 1/1400 scale kit. This model was a joy to master, and equally fun to build and paint. The multiple levels involved in this model made for a good jigsaw puzzle when I started in on it, and I'm quite pleased with the result.



The Galor Class cruiser has been the standard Cardassian military vessel for most of the mid to late 24th century. This design is strong, sturdy, and powerful. It is a fairly large starship, on the order of a Nebula-Class cruiser, and its compact spaceframe eliminates many potential weaknesses seen in other vessels. The main offensive weapon installed in these ships is a pair of large energy beam emplacements, one fore and one aft along the X axis. As seen in numerous episodes, Galor class cruisers can withstand heavy fire and still retain their spaceworthiness.

This model is an old kit of the Macro Trek Galor class from the early 90's. It was built from an original issue, and the paint job applied by 14 year old hands remains intact. There are even burn marks on the hull created by small amounts of gunpowder ignited on the resin. As bad as this paint job is, I just can't make myself paint over it. It's a little piece of younger days nostalgia for me!



The Hideki class fighters are the Cardassian counterparts to the Klingon Birds of Prey or the Jem'Hadar bug fighters. They are small, maneuverable, well armed fighters in the Cardassian fleet. These ships may not be the best shielded starships in the galaxy; however. Many of these ships fell prey to single blasts of torpedo or phaser fire in multiple episodes, giving rise to the belief that they were made for visual "cannon fodder" for the show.

The model here is the Nova Hobbies 1/1400 scale kit. It's a great little one piece model that is a fair rendition of the studio model, albeit in a much smaller scale! Below you can find a couple pictures of this kit as compared to the larger Macro Trek Galor class cruiser.



Surprisingly little was learned of the Bajoran military power during the seven years of Deep Space Nine. Aside from a few nondescript transport and cargo vessels, only one warp-capable military ship was ever described in any detail: the light cruiser seen here. This vessel was equipped with phaser-like beam weapons and on at least one occasion a torpedo tube. The existence of large winglike structures, while visually appealing, make little sense from a design standpoint. They lack any lift capabilities in an atmosphere, and they don't serve any known purpose for energy weapon placements, as do the wings on a B'rel class klingon ship. Like many aspects of Treknology, it seems they exist merely to enhance the "cool" factor of this ship.

The model is a small 1/1400 scale kit from Federation Models. 90 percent of the detail on this ship is replicated in decals, and at this size it seems completely appropriate. My only nitpick was that the decals were extremely fragile, and the black window screens (if that is what they are) rubbed off a little. I would caution anyone building this to apply a coat of clear overspray to the decal before using them.