Klingons Through the Years...


The most common ship in the Imperial Klingon Navy, the B'rel class starship was a small vessel that was used throughout most of the late 23rd to mid 24th century. It is a capable fighter, armed with a single large torpedo system and disruptor at the wingtips. Many of these ships are owned and operated by individual families within the Klingon high command, and more than a few have been commandeered by non-Klingon crews over the years.

I never figured out why the wings needed to move from one position to another - I just chalk it up as another Trek "let's do it 'cause it looks cool" design. Not that there's anything wrong with that, and indeed the Klingon bird of prey is a very interesting looking starship. This model is the small Klingon BOP that came in the old Star Trek TNG Adversary set, with some minor modifications to its rear end to make the warp engine more realistic to the filming miniature. This is a one-off model, but I have a modified version I may mold and copy for a Klingon fleet!



The Klingon K'tinga class battlecruiser made it's debut in Star Trek: The Motion Picture as a modified and advanced version of the old D-7 cruisers of the original series. These ships disappeared until the sixth and final original series movie, yet they appeared in numerous books that chronicled that time period. The K'tinga class battlecruiser appeared again halfway through the series of Deep Space Nine, and in large enough numbers as to imply they never went out of production. The real world reason for this was fairly obvious: the producers needed Klingon cannon fodder for a number of battle scenes, and the Ertl K'tinga model was well-detailed, widely available,and most importantly: CHEAP. Many plasticized starship souls were sacrificed for the greater good of the modern TV show, and the K'tinga class starship regained new life in the Star Trek universe.

The model depicted here was an attempt by yours truly to turn a 1/1600 scale TOS Klingon D7 into a 1/1400 scale K'tinga. Each panel was cut out (with scissors!!) from thin styrene and applied to the hull of the donor model. It' wasn't a bad rendition, but a few years later there appeared a super-detailed and very accurate version of a 1/1400 scale K'tinga, mastered by Ravenstar Studios. I still have yet to build my Ravenstar kit, but my cheap little model with the hasty paint coat still hangs out in my collection.


These next two models are creations mastered and produced by Ravenstar Studios. They are, if I remember correctly, the L'ynch and Kn'stn'tnople class cruisers. Don't ask me which name belongs to which ship; I honestly don't remember. Ravenstar had a good thing going with these non-canon Klingon designs. They were ambiguous enough to be able to fit them in to pretty much any scale you chose, and they built up into ships that were believably Klingon in origin. As they were fairly small but robust-looking ships, I chose to call them 1/1400 scale and display them with the rest of my 1400 scale fleet. Shocking, isn't it??



There's not much to say about this photo, but I had to include it. This is an old, badly scanned photo of the Klingon fleet I owned sometime in the mid 90's. The Vor'cha class ship has long since found a new home in some landfill, and the one of the Birds of prey has also disappeared in a move. The future klingon ship you see here was a Voodieh class future cruiser from Macro Trek, modified with the missing hull pieces across the upper wings. I still have this model, and in fact recently found a few missing pieces for it as I was packing up the garage. I may refinish and re photograph this kit, but in the meantime I decided this photo was worth posting...if only just for laughs.




The new flagship of the 24th century Klingon fleet, the Negh'var is a massive starship that is literally bristling with weapons. This ship is a heavy-duty larger cousin to the Vor'cha class cruiser of the early 24th century. In terms of sheer size, it is easily a match for the large Dominion battleships or Federation heavy cruisers. It is unknown if the Negh'var will be constructed as-is for a new class of Klingon ship, or if the smaller yet physically similar Voodieh class ships seen in the future timeline will be the mainstay of the new Klingon navy.

The model here is my own Nova Hobbies 1/1400 scale kit. This model is produced by Federation Models with a rotocast main hull to reduce some weight in this bad boy! It's a very large kit, especially when seen next to a Defiant or B'rel class as a few of these pictures display.