1/72nd Scale Shuttles and Fighters


Many Star Trek shuttles lend themselves well to 1/72nd scale models, but you will find a few spare SF related models on this page in the coming months. For now, there is just one lone BSG kit hanging out on the bottom of the page, but fear not! His big brother is on the way, plus a few other surprises. So say we all!



All of the 1/72nd Star Trek shuttlecraft on this page are produced by Federation Models. This little gem is the shuttle seen in Star Trek V, the new Galileo. It was a cinch to build, but there was some question regarding the direction of the nacelle engines...the directions weren't fully clear. A quick scan of the DVD (You made me watch STV again, Federation people!!!) helped to determine which way was up, so to speak. You'll notice a certain golden droid posing in a couple of these photos. Apparently he wandered on to the wrong set during filming.


The Type 6 shuttle made its debut in the third season of the Next Generation. This one is finished with the supplied kit decals for a Voyager era ship, but I wouldn't mind an eventual aftermarket set for one of the TNG shuttles. Another hallmark of these Federation Models shuttles is their ease in assembly. This one was even easier to build than the Movie shuttle, with just three pieces to assemble. Word of warning: paint before assembly. Thank me later.

Another straggler managed to make its way into these photos. Don't fret -- I set the interloper back on course, and you can see more of that fighter down below.

The type 9 "Speedboat Shuttle" is the last Federation Models shuttlecraft I have fully built for now. This one was just as easy to build, but a little more complex to paint. If you get this kit, make sure to take your time with the window black. The window frames are only barely raised above the blacked out area, and it's easy to go over the lines. The decals for this model were the flimsiest of all of them as well. I would recommend you give your decals a clear coat before applying them...just in case.


The final finished model that was qued up for photography is the MK II Viper from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. This is the Sci-Hi models kit, sold through Federation Models again. This little model is PACKED with detail, and is more challenging to assemble than the Trek shuttlecraft seen above. That being said, the challenge once again lies primarily with the paint job. The red stripes are masked paint (I don't even know if decals exist for this feature), and the engines received multiple coats of blacking, silver drybrushing, and grease washes. If I build another of these, I will go with the "gears down" variant. I chose to weather this ship fairly heavily, as the BSG universe definitely seems to appreciate the grunge factor more than Trek does.