23rd Century Movie Era Federation


The Constitution class starships got a major overhaul for the presentation of the Star Trek movies. The new Enterprise, designed by Andrew Probert, sported a more graceful, swept-wing design that still delights fans to this day. His basic designs for the hulls and warp engines have, like Jeffries' work before him, inspired a wave of fan-designed conceptual starships as well as on-screen designs for the next twenty years. This new Enterprise is supposed to be faster than the original due to its upgraded engines, has stronger shields, and heavier weaponry. Although Probert added external details to increase the visual appeal of the ship on the big screen, he still kept his own version of the Jeffries' minimalist design ethic for the ship and kept it as clutter-free as possible.

This model is once again a 1/1400 scale resin kit that was a cinch to assemble (only 4 pieces!) with additional hand-drawn decals I created to represent the primary hull Aztec panels.



The Miranda class starship USS Reliant was first seen in Star Trek II as she scouted out a suitable space body to test the Genesis torpedo. The design is based off of the Probert Enterprise, made into a more robust and compact ship. The weapons pod and rollbar have sparked debate in the years following its creation (how to people get UP there??!) but overall it is a tight, well thought-out design. The addition of large phaser cannons and 2 more photon torpedo tubes suggest that this ship was designed as a Frigate, compared to the Constitution's "Heavy Cruiser" status.

The model is a 1/1400 scale kit made by a collaboration of Starcrafts and longtime friend Larry Wherthy. The kit is available through Starcrafts, and is once again a simple 4-piece model to assemble. This model of mine has seen better days, and suffered a little through the various moves I've made through the years. She's desperately due for a repaint....

Here is an interesting little fan design, the Akyazi class Perimeter Action Ship. This is a fan design ship that is significantly smaller than the Constitution class, but it boasts similar armament coupled with the increased speed and maneuverability of a smaller platform. Akyazi (and her counterparts Akula class) PA ships were cramped ships that lacked the comforts of most larger starships, but their crews are often fiercely loyal to the ships they were deployed to. By mandate of Starfleet, Akyazi crews were allowed to customize the paint scheme of the hulls of their ships, and some outlandish designs have appeared gracing the saucers of a few Akyazi class vessels.

This model is possibly one of my favorites. I saw the Akyazi class many years ago in blueprints, and for some reason fell in love with the leaner, meaner design. I built this model to be in scale with the growing 1/1400 scale fleet, and am quite pleased with the way it came out. This model is available as a Nova Hobbies kit, with decals for three different vessels.



Regula One was a science station that housed a civilian science team headed by Dr. Carol Marcus, in connection with a classified project known as "Genesis." The station was a direct re-use of the Orbital Office Complex filming miniature from the first Trek movie, with minor changes to make it seem like a different facility.

The model is the Nova Hobbies 1/1400 scale kit, finished in light ghost grey and burnt umber.



Here is my interpretation of the Hermes class USS Columbia, the scout vessel ordered to rendezvous with the scout Revere in audio dialogue during Star Trek: The Motion Picture. While it is unlikely the Columbia was actually uprated to late-23rd century technology at that time, it stands to reason that it would have eventually received the movie-era upgrades.

The model is a 1/1400 scale kitbash of the Starcrafts E-A kit. It's pretty straightforward, obviously. I simply upgraded the decals a bit to give it a little more visual appeal.