23rd Century Movie Era Federation


The Oberth class was designed for the movie Star Trek III as a small science vessel that was meant to stay within known Federation territories, or else be accompanied by a heavier-armed escort. The ship had few defensive capabilities and virtually no offensive weaponry to speak of. The large secondary hull has been postulated to be some sort of massive sensor array with minimal crew interaction within that hull. The Jester class, seen below, is a fan design based off of the Oberth platform. It replaces the large sensor pallet with the 4-tube torpedoe pod taken from a Miranda class frigate. This ship was meant to be a patrol craft during times of peace, and a supporting gunboat in conflicts.

These are (surprise!) 1/1400 scale models from Starcrafts. They came as a single kit, and were great fun to put together.



The Abbe class continues the tradition of Non-canon ships based off of the Probert Enterprise. This vessel sports a more compact arrangement, sacrificing the standard secondary hull for a new heavy weapons pod slung over the top of the primary hull. The warp engines were brought in closer to the centerline to increase turning speeds while at warp, presumably to be able to quickly re-engage an enemy while traveling at warp speeds.

This single blurry photo is all that remains of the 1/1400 scale kitbash I built using parts from a Starcrafts Movie Enterprise model. The weapons pod was carved resin with styrene bits, the interconnecting hull was balsa wood, and the pylons were laminated styrene with corrugated inserts. What you see here is as finished as this model ever got, before being shattered to pieces in a moving box. The parts are still in a box, however, and reconstruction has recently begun.


Despite its inauspicious beginnings, the Excelsior class has proven itself to be a capable platform, and fulfilled its original mandate as a replacement for the aging Constitution class starship. Ultimately this class of ship became the backbone of the late 23rd and early 24th century starfleet, with ships surviving and operating well into the late 24th century. Although some design variants exist, the standard Excelsior class as depicted here remains a proven and effective hull plan that needs little exterior augmentation to remain current with its 24th century counterparts.

The model here is another Starcrafts kit. This simple 5-piece resin model is simply beautiful -- far more detailed than the larger Ertl offering, with correct hull panels and window placements. The decals seen here were custom designed panels and hand-drawn aztec panels that cover a good portion of the hull, but the extra effort involved in building the model with these decals really paid off in the end.


Here is one of the "official" kitbashes of the original Probert Enterprise: the Constellation class USS Stargazer. This was Picard's first command, a post he held for over twenty years before the ship was destroyed by the as-yet unknown Ferengi. The Constellation class ships are more robust, well armed ships capable of scientific and diplomatic missions well outside the sphere of Federation influence. In many ways, these vessels took up the original mandate of the Constitution class: they went boldly into the unknown, seeking out new civilizations, and brought new sciences back to the core federation worlds.

The model seen here is one of my own Nova Hobbies' kits, a model that borrowed heavily (with permission!) from the Starcrafts Movie Enterprise. Aside form the provided kit decals, I supplemented the model with aztec panel decals and an aftermarket decal set provided by JT Graphics. I highly recommend these decals in addition to the kit supplied markings, as they really flesh the model out nicely.