The Lost Era


The Enterprise NCC 1701-B was one of the first of a new design of Excelsior class starships. These ships included increased acceleration at impulse speeds and room for additional sensor equipment in added fairings along the secondary hull. While this design worked, it didn't appear to be terribly popular, as only a few vessels were outfitted with these additions. The Enterprise B was commanded by Captain John Harriman who obviously needed some time to get used to the big chair, as seen in Star Trek Generations.

The model is the Starcrafts modification of the Excelsior class, available in kit form. Once again I augmented the basic model with additional paneling decals. This kit, like the Excelsior she was descended from, is a simple 5-piece resin model that is simple to put together, but somewhat complex to paint.


The New Orleans class starship is a frigate of the mid-24th century. These vessels saw active duty during the Cardassian war, and proved to be capable contenders against the Cardie counterparts of their day. While the ship has lines similar to the future Galaxy class cruisers, they are smaller and more compact in form than their gargantuan descendants. The pods above and below the main hulls are mission specific modules, customizable to whatever the commander needs for that particular outing.

This model has a history behind it. This kit was built and mastered by Larry Wherthy years ago, and he made a few castings before the molds gave out. The decals were all done on CorelDraw, and each life boat got its own individually numbered lifeboat hatch decal. There is now a newer version of this model produced and distributed by StarCrafts, so these pictures will be replaced in some time with the new kit.


The Cheyenne Class was another ship exploring the elliptical saucer based roughly on the technology pioneered by the New Orleans class. This was designed as a fast light cruiser, armed with 4 forward and two rear facing torpedo tubes. In the real world, the filming miniatures for this ship and the New Orleans were study models built for the episode "The Best of Both Worlds" in the borg graveyard aftermath scene. It was only barely visible as a blurry image as the commander named off ships she saw floating past the screen.

The model is another 1/1400 scale resin kit, based off of the parts from the Ertl 1/2500 scale plastic kit. These were built in a similar fashion to the production miniatures, who also used the existing Ertl parts and modified them to create the new ships for the graveyard scene. The model is handpainted with the aztec pattern and has the stock decals applied. The only difficulty with this kit is in the angle of the warp pylons -- it is near impossible to maintain the correct graceful swoop of the resin pylons due to the weight of the engines. This kit suffers from some pretty major "engine sag."


The Ambassador class represents the interval technology between the ubiquitous Excelsior class and the as yet unimagined Galaxy class. These ships featured a number of technological improvements over the Excelsior class, including newer more powerful phaser placements and stronger shields. Ambassador class ships are much larger than the earlier Excelsior class ships as well.

This model is one of the last of the kits produced by AMT/Ertl. This was the clear molded kit that was built specifically for internal lighting. I sat on this model for over a year before building it; the progress of which can be seen in a few in-progress shots on the workbench page here. I replaced the provided incandescent bulb lighting kit with a custom LED arrangement, and added a few aftermarket pieces as well. The tinted engine parts and sensor package came from Don's Light and Magic, and the decals were a mix of kit decals, JT Graphics decals, the free Pendragon panels from, and my own custom panels. I realize that some people may scream because I built this model to represent an Enterprise-C that may have existed if she had survived the attack on Narendra-III; i.e., there are sections of this model like the belly phaser array that never existed on the Enterprise-C filming miniature. I chose the options that made the most sense (who doesn't protect the ship's underbelly??) and added those parts to this, my own interpretation of what the E-C would have looked like in later years.