Resin Starships


T'Lar Class Vulcan Scout

This model is a non-canon design of a vulcan scout craft based off of the similar T'Mur and Sh'Ran type Surak class starships. This class is mainly a survey ship, classifying and mapping new star systems for the Vulcan Science Acadamy. The resin model measures about 6.5 inches long and comes in 3 pieces. A very simple kit that builds into a cool display piece! A definite must if you already have the 1/1400 Ennex O'won kit. More photos available Here.



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Surak Class

This is the large cruiser seen in the new show. The Surak class cruiser is molded in 3 easy to assemble resin pieces and measures out at a full 16 inches in length at its 1/1400 scale! This highly detailed model comes with full decals for the minute detail that is visible on the back engine area of the ship to help with ease of assembly. More photos available Here.



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Raptor Class Klingon Scout

The Raptor class is one of the new Klingon ships seen in "Enterprise." Smaller than a Bird Of Prey, this ship still manages to carry a sophisticated weapons array, including torpedoes. The model is a single resin piece approx. 3" long, and comes with decals so you don't have to try painting all the raised wing and engine detail. More photos available Here.



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Norway Class

The "Class of '96" is complete with this new 9 inch all resin Norway class cruiser. The model is molded in 6 pieces and comes with full color decals to mark the USS Budapest. Color instructions and a short history of the model are also included with the kit. Resin stand also included. More photos available Here.



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Hideki Class Cardassian Scout

The Hideki class is a fighter of Cardassian origin, possibly using technology leaked from the Federation about the Defiant class starship. The model is a one piece casting that measures 2.9 inches in length. More photos available Here.



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Breen Heavy Cruiser

The Breen have arrived! This 1/1400 scale resin model consists of 16 separate components and measures over 9.5" when fully built. It can be assembled in to a great looking model of a very unusual subject. Complete your DS9 Dominion War fleet today! More photos available Here.



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IKS Negh'var
24th Century Klingon Flagship

This massive 1/1400 scale resin starship comes complete with 17 resin pieces and measures over 19 inches when completed. The main hull has been hollowcast to reduce weight, and the remaining 16 pieces are cast in standard solid resin. More photos available Here.



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